Update your Clothing Sizes, Favorite Colors, and Contact Information

We’ve added a new feature to Boogspace.  You can now update your clothing sizes, favorite colors, brands and stores, and contact information to help your Secret Santa.  This will give them ideas when they purchase your presents.

To access your Favorites list, just login to Boogspace, click on Settings, then My Favorites.

Once you’ve updated your favorites, then click Submit to save.  Click on View Public to see what other group members will see.

To access another group member’s favorites’ list, click on their name on the group home page, then View Favorites above their wish lists.

This new feature should make things easier for your Secret Santa.  Enjoy!


Pick Names for your Secret Santa Group with Boogspace

As of October 2013, we’ve had over 240,000 users go through our Secret Santa Generator.  We make it easy to pick names for your secret santa group.  Here’s a step by step process on how to pick names through our website:

  1. In your browser, go to: http://www.boogspace.com/secret-santa-generator.asp
  2. Enter your name, email address, and any group name in the appropriate fields: 
  3. Enter a list of participants in your secret santa gift exchange:  If you don’t want one participant to pick another participant (siblings, husband/wife, etc.), then make sure you put a comma after the participant name, then enclose the excluded participants name(s) in braces with each name separated by a comma.  See example above.
  4. Click the submit button to have our system randomly pick names for your group.
  5. Enter the email addresses of each participant in your group: 
  6. Enter a note for all of your group members to see, then click “Send Email” to complete the secret santa name drawing: 
  7. The results of your name drawing will be displayed in the last step, along with some important information that you’ll need to recover your list at a future date.  It’s important that you copy this information down somewhere.  

That’s it!  There’s less than two months until Christmas, so it’s almost time to get started with your shopping.  You can click here to get started with the name drawing process.


Did you use our Secret Santa Generator last year?

If you used our Secret Santa Generator last year, it’s easy to pick names again this year without entering all the names and email addresses again.  All you have to do is select the “Import from an old list” from our Secret Santa Generator page:

Enter your group name, group password, and master list password (hopefully, you saved this information from last year), and click submit.  If your group information is in our database, then the following page will come up:

Click “Import”, then follow the normal steps for picking names.  All names and email addresses will be remembered in our tool.  You can even add or delete names if you want.  Yes, it’s that simple!

Feel free to email support@boogspace.com if you have questions!



Don’t Knock the White Elephant!

Christmas time is filled with tons of small nuances, but the yearly gift exchanges can always be made to be fun, instead of a drastic, last minute decision. The white elephant gift exchange is where you bring any burdened possession of which you can’t under normal circumstances dispose of, and it’s worth is way out of proportion with its use. I’ve seen hard bound bathroom readers (used), old sets of christmas cards, all the way to nutcrackers; all offered in good fun. The idea behind the concept is to simply have fun, and generally that’s usually the case. What makes this type of exchange unique is when you team it with a Yankee Swap. The Yankee swap is the art of swapping for someone else’s gift, creating odd well sought after gifts that will make everyone giggle by the end of the exchange.

If the white elephant idea isn’t up your alley or doesn’t fit your company’s bill. Gift exchanges don’t have to be a pain to plan for. Always set a max limit on your gift exchanges. It gives everyone the same playing field and numerous e-commerce site nowadays offer a variety of ways to sort products by price, so that you aren’t aimlessly walking around in a department store.

Below is a list of some great services on the Web that provide excellent and unique gifting ideas:

  1. Etsy – Etsy is a ecommerce site that is dedicated primarily to handmade or crafted gifts. http://www.etsy.com
  2. Amazon – Amazon is an all-in-one type shop that offers books to tech ideas. http://www.amazon
  3. Best Buy – Best Buy is a huge mecca for electronics, videos, and accessories. http://www.bestbuy.com
  4. Gifts – Gifts offers a wide range of chocolates and candies. http://www.gifts.com
  5. Ebay – Ebay is the auctioneering capitol of the Web. You can find anything here. http://www.ebay.com

These examples should give you and your gifters an easy solution to making your gift exchanges a fun and delightful time.


The History of Boogspace Web Designs

Thanks to the help of Rachna over at http://www.rachnathedesigner.com/, we’ve recently updated our website.  A refresh was way overdue.  My cousin, Willie, built the original site in 2001.  I built the entire backend.  Here’s what the original Boogspace looked like in 2006:

My cousin threw this design together, and I add the backend coding to make the site function.  The picture above is missing a few button, but as you can see, this was definitely amateur hour.

Moving onto 2008, I went onto Elance and paid some web designer to build me a new website.  Here’s the design from 2008:


This was the other mockup that the designer offered us:

We’ve been using the orange design for about 3 years now, until we realized that it was pretty ugly.  After looking around for a good designer on some of the forums that I belong to, I paid someone to create something for me, hoping to trust him with my vision.  Here’s what he came up with:

I thought that it was okay looking, but the colors were off the wall, so we decided not to use it. And finally, 2012, the newest design:




The Online Secret Santa Game

Online communities, groups and forums provide excellent communication between people, usually with the same interest, regardless of location. We could be located in different countries and yet we can communicate with each other with ease. Promoting unity within the group can be done in a limitless number of ways but one really good way to do this, especially during the Christmas season, is to have a secret santa gift giving event.

Based on my own experience, this is really exciting. You can draw names online and you’ll pick the name of one of your members and you’ll be the one to give a gift to him/her.

You can do it in any way you want. Let me suggest a few things. What you can do is have a pool of those who will be participating and have an online drawing of who will be assigned to who. But of course, no one else should see it or else we wouldn’t call it secret in the first place. :) And don’t tell who you picked to anyone. Eventually, it may reach the person you picked after the information is passed around. Let’s move on.

Who ever picks your name will be your secret Santa. You wouldn’t know who he or she is until the day when you exchange gifts. This is a great activity during Christmas parties. You call out the one you picked and he/she, in turn, will call the person he/she picked until everyone gets to have a gift.You can set your own rules here. You can have a minimum amount for the gift. This is to be fair to everyone. If the minimum amount of the gift is $50, everyone must buy a gift that is worth $50 and above (if you choose to).

Or better yet, you could just ask each one for a wish that they want (considering a price limit, again, to be fair to all). Post them on a board or a section of your website or forum where everyone can see what you wished for. Your secret Santa now has an idea of what you really want and you wouldn’t know who he/she is. That’s the beauty of it.

The good thing about a wish list is that there’s usually no complaint since you usually get what you asked for. Unlike if there’s no wish list, you’d probably get something you don’t like. You probably remember receiving photo albums, pens and kitchenware that you have lots of that you don’t really need.

You can have a Secret Santa website wherein you can enter your names and your wish list. You can then automate the drawing once you have the complete pool of participants. It’s also a very good way of getting to know more about your group and your members. It’s fun and I’m sure this will generate some laughs and activities in your online community. What a way to boost the Christmas spirit!


The Best Options for Secret Santa for Everybody

Holiday season is always a great time for the family, friends and even co-workers. One thing that many companies do to create bonds with all the workers and even connect employees from different areas is to do a Secret Santa Gift Exchange close to the holidays.

It is a great opportunity to relax and have a little fun while workers try to guess who gave that gift that sometimes is exactly what the person needed and sometimes is something that doesn’t match at all with the person’s taste. That’s part of the game! In the end everybody just have a good laugh.

However, the bigger the company, the greater the difficulty to organize a secret santa. The person responsible takes forever to ask everyone if they want to participate, then put the names in the hat and finally pass the hat around so everybody can pick one. Besides, there’s always the risk of someone picking a person they don’t get along and jeopardize the whole event.

That’s why there are options to create a Secret Santa Online. If you look for a Secret Santa Website, you’ll find that creating a gift exchange event can be easier than you ever imagined. All you have to do is to create an event, insert all the personal e-mails from your company’s staff and send them. In no time people will be aware of the event and ready to think of what gift to buy. A great advantage is that people can decline the event without being ashamed of saying it in person; many workers agree to participate just because they are ashamed to say no to a supervisor that is organizing the Secret Santa.

There are many other advantages for organizing a gift exchange online, like creating a customized page for the event and letting the participants post responses and comments, and even wish lists. The organizer can even create exclusion lists, so people that don’t get along will ever be matched.

A Secret Santa is what every company needs, just pick one website and people will always have a great time exchanging gifts on holiday time.


Office Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Two years ago,everyone in my office decided that they wanted to get together and participate in a secret santa gift exchange. One of my colleagues put all of our names on individual pieces of paper and threw them in a hat. Then she came around to each of our desks and told us to pick a name out of the hat, but to keep the name to ourselves. I picked one of the girls that I am very close with in the office, but I still had no idea what to get her.

One day, when I was working out of the office I asked one of my other colleagues what she thought I should get for this girl. She said she had heard her complaining about her wrists and saying she wanted a wrist rest that she could use while typing on her computer. So I went to the store right away and bought it, so I could get that gift out of the way and not have to worry about it.

The last day in the office before we were all going to be on our holiday vacation, we exchanged our gifts. When I gave my friend the wrist rest for her computer, she was very happy and seemed to really appreciate it.

There was also a sign-up sheet hanging up in the office where people could give suggestions of gifts that they wanted, so it would be easier for their secret santa. I wrote down the title and author of a book that I had been wanting for a while, and thought for sure that I would get it. I looked at the list a few days later, and some prankster had crossed out what I’d written and replaced it with “gravy boat”. Obviously I had no interest in a gravy boat, so I crossed that out and wrote down the name of the book again. However it was too late, because when the day of the secret santa gift exchange came I got a gravy boat. It was funny, but I was pretty disappointed. I guess it is better to give than it is to receive!


Secret Santa Gift Exchanges Can Help Save Money

A Secret Santa is a type of gift-exchange that occurs around Christmas in Europe and North America. Typically, a Secret Santa allows individuals from a common background to anonymously give their friends and associates a gift for the holidays.

Secret Santa exchanges can be very useful, as it offers a simple and cost-effective way for everyone to receive a present. It also eases the tension in deciding how much to spend for a present, as it is common to have a maximum allowance for the exchange.

These gift exchanges can create camaraderie between group members and positively build relationships in a formal setting by having members get to know each other through the reception of gifts.

A Secret Santa can be orchestrated in several different ways, but it is most commonly done by writing the names of all the participants on separate slips of paper, placing the names in a box, hat or sealed container, and have each of the members select the name of a person from the box. That person then becomes their Secret Santa. In some cases, partakers of the exchange are allowed to compile a list of gifts that they would like to have, along with their name. This normally occurs a few weeks before the group intervenes for Christmas break.

When the time comes for the exchange to happen, the gifts can be given openly or anonymously. When the exchange is done openly, there may be a guessing game in which the receiver can guess who the giver was. Now it is possible to do Secret Santa exchanges online by using various online website available to the public. This is done by allocation an exchange administrator and having them send email invitations to friends, family, associates or coworkers, inviting them to be a part in the exchange, and entering the names into a computerized generator. This system will randomize the given names and will automatically select Secret Santas for each participant.


Enhance Your Christmas Spirit with a New Game

Usually, gift exchange is associated with Christmas . It is widely accepted because of its high popularity . Now it becomes a part and parcel of our life.

Besides Christmas , we present gifts to our dear and near at several occasions like birthday , marriage etc. No doubt, it is a thrilling pleasure to everyone because then we come to realize that we are remembered by them. But some times , unfortunately, it seems a difficulty in choosing a best gift. We always worried if this selection is appreciated or not.

If gift exchange is conducted in schools, we can celebrate it with great pomp and show and make it a unique one by adding some games. Mostly in schools, gift exchange is done in class rooms. All students must bring gifts along with them on that particular day. The class faculty or monitor has to collect all these presents and keep them in a big box.

Remember, wrap these presents in a colorful gift paper , already this is a colorful celebration. Here, starts our new game . Get ready for a musical chair. If there is fifty students arrange forty nine chairs for this fun. The class teacher must take supervision on the entire things.

Start playing music, after a while stop it all on a sudden the students should catch a chair and sit on it. Those who does not get a chair is out from the game. Normally one is oust from the game, then the teacher must present a gift from the gift collection for that out one. No need of worry or sad because winning or losing is not an important thing participating is important. He or she can enjoy the beauty of the gift which was gifted to him or her.

On the next round remove one chair and again continue the game. This will be continued till there is one chair and two students . Of course on the next round the winner is decided. All the other students must clap their hands and encourage the winner. The last gift is then waiting for the winner. If you are interested and willing we can change the traditional concept. Namely , instead of bringing one gift ask them to bring two gifts and put them in two different boxes. Gifts in one box can exchange in the class room as explained above . Gifts in the other box can be handed over to any charitable society. So many orphans are suffering in this world. Some of them are kids and some of them are in their old stage .

Whether they are young or old receiving a gift may be source of happiness. Our life is the gift of our creator and our gift to the creator is to do good things for the right ones in the right time .